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Pilates builds strength without adding bulk, balancing the strength with flexibility, and achieving perfect harmony between mind and muscle.
Pilates was developed by Joseph H. Pilates after World War I, to assist bedridden patients in recovering muscle strength. It focuses on specialized movements performed on the floor or with equipment to teach the body self-awareness and strengthen muscles without in a harmonious and balanced way.
Initially popular with dancers and other performers, now the Pilates method has become popular within all major sports and disciplines as a key way of promoting sporting excellence.
Pilates type exercises are know widely advocated in the rehabilitation of patients suffering form low back pain, neck pain, and post surgical patients. Predominantly for all those suffering from POOR POSTURE!

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a holistic method to exercise and rehabilitation, it requires concentration of the mind on individual muscles. Achieving a mind - body connection. The main muscles involved are that of your 'Core', the muscles surrounding your back, pelvis, and stomach = 'Core Stability'
Pilates aims to build on functional strength and functional flexibility increasing strength without losing flexibility and increasing flexibility without losing strength. This is all achieved through optimal body alignment. By regularly completing a pilates workout and combining your skills into everyday life, one can aim to achieve:

Increased self and body awareness > Increased well being > Increased mental alertness > Increased mental alertness > Improved posture > Decrease in aches and pains > Increase in functional strength and flexibility

What type of exercises?
Pilates is predominately mat based exercises were the body is working at 40% of it max. (Therefore you are not necessarily going to be in a sweat at a beginners level).
Pilates can also incorporate the use of machines, weights and gym balls.

How often?
A pilates class normally runs for an hour, to achieve maximal results like all sports it is advisable to practice at home everyday. You will be taught how to incorporate the basis of core stability into your everyday life.


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